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Guardians Inc.: The Cypher (Book 1)

Guardians Inc.: The Cypher by Julian Rosado-Machain, Is two stories in one. A glimpse into a multinational company that is in reality the oldest of secret societies, one that spans close to seven thousand years of existence, weaving in and out of history, guiding and protecting humanity from creatures and forces that most of us believe are only mythology and fairy tales.

The other is the story of Thomas Byrne, a young man thrust into secrets he shouldn´t be aware of and dangers he shouldn´t face but, that he ultimately will, for he is a Cypher. The only one who can steer humanity´s future.

The ultimate conspiracy theory is that Magic is real. Kept in check by technology but, every five hundred years the balance can shift and, if it does, technology will fail and those creatures we´ve driven into myth will come back with a vengeance.

To protect the present, Guardians Incorporated needs to know the future.
Guardians Inc.: Thundersword (Book 2)

The search for the Book of Concord is on the brink of failure. Guardians Inc. can´t move without being followed by the Azure Guard, and the balance between Magic and Technology has begun to shift giving magical creatures a stronger hold in our world.

With new enemies arising and old alliances breaking up, the Guardians need an urgent victory or the seven thousand year old plan will fail and a new Dark Age will engulf the world.

Just as Thomas Byrne begins to discover the inner workings of Guardians Inc. and his place as a Cypher, he also finds out that not everything is as he thought inside the company and that the worst enemy might be the one lurking within.
Guardians Inc.: The Four-Legged Prophet (Book 3)

"The Four-Legged Prophet, Defender of the People, will lead us, will bind us ..." Thus begins the ancient prophesy the Guardians discover deep within the Halls of Remembrance. But what does it mean? Both Magical and Mundane worlds have rallied around Cypher Thomas Byrne and a new pact between the Faun Clans and the Guardians gives hope that the World will be safe for everyone, human or not, and even a truce with the Warmaster might be within reach. But, do the Guardians really want it?

"... and the Four-Legged Prophet will deliver us to darkness ..." With Thomas searching for his parents, the enemies of Guardians Inc. apparently in retreat and peace seemingly within reach, the most urgent question is: Who is the Four Legged Prophet? "... when the ashes of the world have settled and life feels confident again, the Wraith shall return, and the Four-Legged Prophet will come back with them ..." As the world rallies around Guardians Inc. ancient magical forces awaken and battle lines are drawn, the war for the Book of Concord draws near and at the center conflict lies The Four Legged Prophet.
Guardians Inc.: The Lost Columns (Book 4)

Coming Soon, the fourth installment of the Guardians Inc. Series.
The Man in the Trench Coat

The Man in the Trench Coat is an illustrated childrens book based on one of the characters from the Guardians Inc. universe. The Man in the Trench Coat is also known as The Dealmaker. The Man in the Trench Coat is a story that reinforces basic morals and values, such as honesty and integrity, through everyday childhood experiences. It is also a metaphor for the little voice in our heads that tries to lure us into doing things the "easy way," and not the way we´re meant to do them: the right way.

"The setting is as bright as a box of crayons - an elementary karate chop to those temptations that undermine our integrity."
-Kirkus Reviews

The Trailers

Book Of Concord

War is coming

Every five hundred years magic and technology factions battle each other over The Book of Concord.

Written within its pages are the future events of the next five hundred years. Whoever controls the book, can alter the balance between magic and technology and ultimately control the world.

The future of humanity lies in the balance, only the Cypher can find the clues to the book's whereabouts. Should The Book of Concord fall in control of the wrong magical creatures, humanity would fall back into a new Dark Age.


Thomas Byrne

Sixteen-year-old Thomas Byrne moved from Ohio to California to live with his Grandfather Morgan after his parents mysterious disappearance. Friendly and honest, Thomas has always avoided the spotlight, until he reluctantly accepts an Assistant Librarian job at Pervagus Mansion.

It is there that Thomas discovers his true identity --that he is a Cypher. The key Guardians Inc. needs to protect the future of humanity.

Now placed at the center of a seven thousand year old conflict, Thomas must find the Book of Concord, otherwise the world will enter a new Dark Age.
Morgan Byrne

At seventy-two years old, Morgan Byrne is still strong of body and mind. An ex-Marine and recipient of the Purple Heart, Morgan takes his grandson, Thomas, under his wing without hesitation.

Determined to give Thomas the best opportunities possible, Morgan searches for a job until he gets accepted at Guardians Inc. as Overseer in Accounting -- a job that seems to be made just for him.

Of strong, but fair disposition, Morgan loves above all else, his grandson.
S.J.M.A Franco Phd.

The current CEO of Guardian Inc. is a hyperactive hands-on-the-job man. Doctor Franco has legendary status on the corporate and government scene since he always says the right thing and always has an answer. Some have attributed to him the power to read minds.

Doctor Franco is always open for new possibilities, and he personally recruits Morgan and Thomas Byrne for employment at Guardians Inc.

Doctor Franco is thin and wiry, and while his fashion styles change, he can always be seen wearing a Cravat and carrying a cane fashioned after Aesculapius´s staff.

As Doctor Franco´s personal assistant, Tasha shares the Doctor´s legendary status among the corporate scene. More than many multi-billion dollar deals have been signed under the watchful beauty of her green eyes.

A dispossessed Elven queen, Tasha became increasingly interested in archaeology and the study of Wraith Magic when her Kingdom in Oregon´s Cascadia Mountains was destroyed by an earthquake in the 1700´s. She has been a Guardian for more than a thousand years.

Behind her cool and innocent demeanor hides a mercurial and fierce character. Her knowledge of Wraith Magic has increased her power tenfold, and now that a Cypher has been found, Tasha reassigned herself to the role of Protector.
Antonio (Tony) Della Francesca

A descendant of Renaissance artist, mathematician, and Guardian Piero Della Francesca, Tony´s family has produced some of the most stalwart Guardians in the five-hundred-years since Piero joined the company.

Talkative and friendly, Tony has a penchant for being a little too cocky since he´s always trying to impress anyone and everyone. He is also a Polyglot and an expert in Escrima.

Tony was the leader of the Manhattan and Central Park Guardian Watchmen Team until he met Thomas and convinced Doctor Franco to let him be one of Thomas´s Protectors along with his friend, Henri.
Bolswaithe the Butler

Fast and efficient, intelligent and loyal, Bolswaithe is the perfect Butler of Pervagus Mansion and the most selfless companion of Thomas Byrne. His collected and calm demeanor never wavers even under the direst circumstances.

An older gentleman, Bolswaithe nevertheless has shown great strength and martial prowess, even rivaling that of Henri with whom he spars with on a regular basis.

Doctor Franco has permanently assigned Bolswaithe to watch over Thomas, and the Butler fills many different roles -- teacher, mentor, protector, although Thomas considers him more of a friend.
Henri The Grotesque

Henri is a Guardian Grotesque originally created by Philibert le Roy to protect the Versailles Castle in the 17th century. Henri and his brothers are assigned to safeguarding Pervagus Mansion.

Strong and determined, Henri is sent by the Doctor for special missions where muscles are needed. His exploits, particularly in New York, have been well documented by Tabloids and conspiracy crackpots.

Never the talkative type, Henri is the muscle of Thomas´s Protectors, although he can´t always accompany Thomas to all missions he is always ready to lay down his life for the Cypher if necessary.
Mrs. Pianova

The head librarian of Pervagus Mansion and immediate superior of Thomas. Her knowledge of Guardians Inc. and the world of Magic is unsurpassed, even by Doctor Franco.

A strict but fair person, Mrs. Pianova prefers to guide than to order, although she will enforce the rules of Guardians Inc. to its ultimate consequences, she also has a soft and caring side and will do her best to help Thomas succeed and thrive in his new role as a Cypher.
King Seryaan

Lord of Ukiah and High King of the Elven nations remaining in the world, King Seryaan is a friend and trusted ally of Guardians Inc., and one of the most moderate voices in the League of Nations.

King Seryaan personally helped Cypher Niccolo de Conti acquire the Book of Concord in the 15th century and has set guidelines for interaction between magical and non-magical beings during his sixteen-hundred-years of reigning.

During the alliance between the Warmaster and Adolf Hitler, Seryaan became instrumental in signing the Yalta accord, where magical creatures helped the Allies against the Axis.
Vice Principal "Killjoy" Khanna

The Vice-Principal at Oceanic High School could very well be considered its ruler. With a coffee mug in one hand and a metal clipboard in the other, Killjoy roams silently through the hallways. Her iron grip keeps students, teachers, and the PTA under her control.

A long-time collaborator of Guardians Inc., "Killjoy" has taken an interest in Thomas and his future.


The City of Ormagra

Abandoned for billions of years The City of Ormagra has been recently found deep under the Earth´s Crust under the Bering Sea.

Wraith architecture is alien and almost incomprehensible to the human mind. Many who see Wraith structures go mad as their brain tries to understand the flowing lines and angles used by these ancient enemies of life.

Ormagra is a lifeless husk but an echo of Wraith Magic remains making it an incredibly dangerous place to visit.
Guardians Inc. Library

The greatest collection of knowledge ever assembled. Founded in the 3542 BCE in Hierankopolis, Egypt. Pervagus Library has been coveted by emperors and warlords and sacked twice in ancient history.

The library of Alexandria in ancient Egypt was one of its depositories until its destruction. Infinitely vast, hundreds of thousands of tomes are added to the Library every year. It is now protected inside Pervagus Mansion.
Guardians Inc. Mansion

Headquarters of Guardians Inc. accessible only by those who know how to find it (second street on the left).

Many of the greatest artists, architects and engineers have called the mansion its home during its seven centuries of existence.

Apart from Pervagus Library and protected inside its vast rooms lay the CryptoZoo, Engineering Museums, R&D Labs and Command Center of Guardians Inc. and connections to Methopia and The Five Treasures of Snow among other Magical locations.

The Mansion has recently become home to Cypher Thomas Byrne and his protectors.
The Village of Hussahassalin

Founded by Chief Husseha of the Hassa clan fauns, Hussahassalin was the first Human-Faun effort to create a dwelling protected from humanity but on the original tribal lands of the fauns.

Hussahassalin lies beneath the Bramble at Central Park in New York City. Its secret entrance is accessible by Guardian Watchmen and Fire-teams, but has smaller tunnels distributed along the park for faun use.
Five Treasures of Snow

The Mystical temple and Dojo guarded both by human monks and mythological creatures lies on the side of mountain Kangchenjunga in Nepal.

The first Non Guardian Human to reach The Five treasures of Snow was Joseph Dalton Hooker in 1848. After this event, the temple became protected by magical spells that disguise it against the mountain and keep it secret from prying eyes.

The Five Treasures of Snow is currently accessible to humans only through Pervagus Mansion. Joseph Dalton Hooker became a Guardian in 1849 and visited the Temple many times.


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The Pillars

Pillars of Magic

These are the names and locations of the most active pillars monitored by Guardians Inc.

Although there are hundreds of inactive pillar locations catalogued, these are specially marked for their influence upon the present world climate and conditions.

Names are assigned to the pillars according to their geographical location, or to the old name attributed to them by the first humans that felt their influence.

Powerful as they are, all Pillars are considered to be dormant, should one of them arise and release all its fury the influx of Magic would awaken the others and they would resume a battle for supremacy that would revert Earth to a primal state wiping out all life in the planet.
Pillars of Magic: North America

1. Life Elemental ASINTMAH.

2. UKIAH is a life elemental sleeping on the Mendocino National Forest, its energies and those of close by SEQUOIA, support the redwood forests and many populations of Fauns and Elves, especially Eidameran , seat of the elven kingdom ruled by King Seryaan.

3. One of the most powerful dormant fire elementals, it occupies Yellowstone National Park. One yawn from MI TZE A-DA-ZI could send the Earth into another Ice age.

4. A restless sleeper, KWATEE´s stirrings cause earthquakes all along the northern California Coast along the San Andreas fault.
Pillars of Magic: South America

1. The Six Amazons: Water Elementals OKYALE, OKYPOUS and ORITHIA. Life Elementals AELLO, AINIPPE and AINIA. By combining their spheres of influence these elementals are responsible for the Amazon River and the Amazon rainforest.

2. Earth Elemental ATACAMA.

3. Fire Elemental CUM HAU.
Pillars of Magic: Europe

1. In recent years the Fire Elemental BALOR has increased its stirrings in Iceland and has caused volcanic activity that in 2010 blocked the air transportation between Europe and North America.

2. Life Elemental YGGDRASSIL.

3. Water Elemental DANUBE.

4. Stirs from the Fire Elemental IACCHUS have been responsible for the volcanic eruptions of Mount Vesubius most notably destroying Pompey in 79 AD.
Pillars of Magic: Africa

1. One of the most powerful Elementals, WADJET and her sisters created the Sahara desert which still grows each year through their influence.

2. Water Elemental SEBEK (NILE).

3. Life Elemental YEMAYA.

4. Fire Elemental NYIRAGONGO.

5. Earth Elemental GEB (KALAHARI).
Pillars of Magic: Asia

1. Life Elemental ISHTAR.

2. A powerful Earth Elemental, SPYAN-RASGZIGS is responsible for the creation of the Himalaya Mountain range.

3. Water Elemental YANGTSE.

4. The spheres of influence of the Earth Elemental PERUN, Life Elemental VELES and Air Elemental GJALP, overlap creating the Russian Steppes.

5. Fire Elemental KRAKATOA.
Pillars of Magic: The Seven

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The Seven are the elementals with the largest known spheres of influence, so vast that their power affects the world on a large scale and are responsible for the weather patterns.

1. Water Elemental BENGAL.

2 & 3. Water Elemental ATLANTICA & Air Elemental CYCLONUS are responsible for the Hurricanes. Their most recent stirring caused the Hurricane Katrina that impacted the Gulf Coast of the United States.

4. Air Elemental FREYJA influence keeps the North Pole and great parts of Greenland frozen.

5. Air Elemental LEVIATHAN resides above Antarctica.

6. Water Elemental PACIFICA has the largest area of influence on Earth covering from America to Asia with her power.

7. Air Elemental TYPHOON is responsible for the Tropical storms and Monsoons that reach Asia and the Western Coast of America.

About The Autor

Julian Rosado-Machain

Julian Rosado-Machain has enjoyed pizza in three continents, worked in graphic design, armored vehicles, built computers, handcrafted alebrijes and swears has seen at least one ghost.

He´s the co-owner of a Mexican Restaurant in San Diego, California and enjoys the sun with his wife, three children and cat.


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Guardians Inc.: The Cypher 4.3 Stars out of Five!

Guardians Inc.: Thundersword 4.6 Stars out of Five!

Guardians Inc.: The Four Legged Prophet 4.6 Stars out of Five!

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Guardians Inc.: The Cypher 3.86 Stars out of Five!

Guardians Inc.: Thundersword 4.23 Stars out of Five!

Guardians Inc.: The Four Legged Prophet 4.32 Stars out of Five!

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