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Guardians Inc.: The Cypher - The Story

Guardians Inc.: The Four-Legged Prophet (Book 3)

"The Four-Legged Prophet, Defender of the People, will lead us, will bind us . . ." Thus begins the ancient prophesy the Guardians discover deep within the Halls of Remembrance. But what does it mean? Both Magical and Mundane worlds have rallied around Cypher Thomas Byrne and a new pact between the Faun Clans and the Guardians gives hope that the World will be safe for everyone, human or not, and even a truce with the Warmaster might be within reach. But, do the Guardians really want it?

"...and the Four-Legged Prophet will deliver us to darkness . . ." With Thomas searching for his parents, the enemies of Guardians Inc. apparently in retreat and peace seemingly within reach, the most urgent question is: Who is the Four Legged Prophet? "... when the ashes of the world have settled and life feels confident again, the Wraith shall return, and the Four-Legged Prophet will come back with them...." As the world rallies around Guardians Inc. ancient magical forces awaken and battle lines are drawn, the war for the Book of Concord draws near and at the center conflict lies The Four Legged Prophet.

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