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    Pillars of Magic: The Seven

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    The Seven are the elementals with the largest known spheres of influence, so vast that their power affects the world on a large scale and are responsible for the weather patterns.

    1. Water Elemental BENGAL.

    2 & 3. Water Elemental ATLANTICA & Air Elemental CYCLONUS are responsible for the Hurricanes. Their most recent stirring caused the Hurricane Katrina that impacted the Gulf Coast of the United States.

    4. Air Elemental FREYJA influence keeps the North Pole and great parts of Greenland frozen.

    5. Air Elemental LEVIATHAN resides above Antarctica.

    6. Water Elemental PACIFICA has the largest area of influence on Earth covering from America to Asia with her power.

    7. Air Elemental TYPHOON is responsible for the Tropical storms and Monsoons that reach Asia and the Western Coast of America.

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